Getting Started


The Anabolic Outlaws (AO) Affiliate Program introduces an easy to follow system of remuneration for our Affiliates. It is surprisingly simple and gives everyone, of any skill level, an equal opportunity for success. By rewarding personal activity and leadership, our marketing system combines the best of retail sales methods and traditional wholesale distribution with an easily duplicated method for growing your Anabolic Outlaws (AO) business. The best part is, AO makes building your business fun and incredibly simple.

You can become an Affiliate by simply purchasing any combination of products totaling 50 BV or more of your choosing, along with our annual Affiliate Registration Fee of $29.95 at which point you will receive access to the entire AO support system: virtual office, personalized website, online store, support tools, retail shopping cart, ability to purchase products at wholesale as well as other product related marketing materials needed to conduct your AO business.

Affiliates are independent distributors of Anabolic Outlaws products and as long as you meet the Affiliate requirements, you will receive continued unlimited access to your virtual office and enable your customers to purchase products from your personal Anabolic Outlaws website. This is a great tool for building and managing your AO business that you can share with any and every one you know.


As an AO Affiliate you must maintain a minimum activity level for uninterrupted access to the AO system.

When you become an AO Affiliate you are assigned an account in the AO organizational structure, the Binary Team. This is the equivalent of your storefront or office location.

From it, you conduct your AO business by retailing products and managing your team. All of your Business volume (BV) comes from product sales accumulated in your account. Your qualification for bonuses and other components of compensation are all based on your Business Volume. BV is attached to each product sold, or purchased. BV is used like currency which enables us to calculate your commissions and bonuses for product sales that occur.

Simply, it enables us to calculate bonuses for sales of product and process your commission payment.

The Anabolic Outlaws Affiliate Program is a Binary Affiliate Program. Binary, as the name implies, refers to the limit of two sides, or teams, (left and right) that each account can introduce new Affiliates to. Your account represents your position within the Binary Team of AO Affiliates and it is where you start building your customer base and your team of Affiliates.

Your personal AO account allows you to have two (2) Affiliates with their accounts on your front line, one on the left and one on the right. As you build your Binary Team, you will place newly personally referred Affiliates under existing Affiliates, thereby assisting in building their Binary Team while building depth in your own organization. The team below your account is referred to as your Downline (includes right and left teams). An exciting feature of the AO Affiliate Program is that you may also have Affiliates that are referred by team members above you that are placed below your account. Simply, any AO Affiliate you did not personally refer may help you build your business and positively affect your earnings through their own product sales and therefore an increase in BV. Team members positioned above your own account are referred to as your Upline. Binary Team Commissions are paid on the entire product sales Business Volume (BV) on one of the two Binary teams below you to unlimited depth or until the maximum allowable.


Affiliate Retail Referrals

As an Affiliate, you can send potential customers to your personal website. To become an Affiliate and receive Retail commissions for your referrals you must have 50 BV in Personal Purchases or Retail sales within a 4 week rolling period plus 1 week grace for a total of 5 weeks. Affiliates earn 100% commissions.

Binary Team Commission (Paid Weekly)

One of the most exciting aspects of the Anabolic Outlaws Affiliate Program is the unlimited depth Binary Team Commission. Binary Team Commission is designed to reward you for helping and supporting those who join your team. In order to qualify for this powerful income stream, you need to be Active. To become Active you must accumulate at least 50 BV through either Personal Purchases or Retail Sales within a 5 week period and have enrolled two (2) Active Affiliates, one on each of your legs.

To become Qualified, personally refer four (4) Active Affiliates (accumulated at least 50 BV through either Personal Purchases or Retail Sales within a 5 week period). Placement of these Affiliates can be on your left binary team or your right binary team. This will qualify your position so that you may now be eligible to earn Binary Team Commissions. Active and Qualified status must be maintained each month to receive full commissions and bonuses.

Affiliates that are Active but not Qualified will receive 50% of all commissions and bonuses. Simply, all bonuses are halved. Once Active and Qualified an Affiliate will receive 100% of all commissions and bonuses earned.

As AO products are ordered and sold by those in your team and their customers, BV is generated and accumulated in each of your Binary teams. In any given month you will likely have one Binary team that has accumulated more BV than the other team. The Binary team with the greater BV is referred to as the Power Team while the team with the lesser BV is the Pay Team. When at least 100 Minumum BV of product sales has been accumulated within 7 days the Pay Team will earn (Active/Qualified) Binary Team Commissions.

Referrer & Placement

As an additional means for you to help others in your downline organization succeed and thereby help yourself, AO tracks two different types of relationships among its Affiliates: the Referrer, also known as enroller and the placement relationship.

Referrer is an existing Affiliate that first explains the AO opportunity to a potential new Affiliate, and subsequently helps them to register their new Affiliate account. The AO system thereby recognizes a Referral relationship between these two Affiliates and maintains it accordingly.

Placement is the Affiliate who is immediately above, or Upline, in the Binary Team of an Affiliate. Placement may sometimes be referred to as “Sponsor” and the terms are interchangeable. The Referrer and the placement of a new Affiliate can be the same person, although they do not have to be. With this dual relationship tracking system, a person who refers a new Affiliate can elect to place the new team members anywhere in their downline organization under another Affiliate. That becomes the placement position of the new Affiliate position. The flexibility to refer a new Affiliate and place them under someone in your Downline creates the following benefits: A) it allows you to help your downline Affiliates build their businesses, thereby building your own business; B) it allows you to attract people across vast geographical areas, while placing your new Affiliates under a well-trained person that can support them, or sponsor them, locally while you still receive the benefit of their BV flowing up to you and your Upline.

Once you have become an Anabolic Outlaws Affiliate you can retain your Binary Commissions Team position and all of the BV volume, from both left and right Binary Teams of your account indefinitely as long as you meet all Affiliate requirements.

Any Affiliate accounts that are completely inactive for a period of 4 weeks will have their holding volume flushed.



  • 50 BV (Personal Purchase or Retail Sales) within a 4 week rolling period plus 1 week grace for a total of 5 weeks.

Active Affiliate:

  • 50 BV (Personal Purchase or Retail Sales)
  • Two (2) Personally enrolled active Affiliates, one (1) on each leg.

Qualified Affiliate:

  • 50 BV (Personal Purchase or Retail Sales)
  • Four (4) personally enrolled Active Affiliates


Retail Commissions

  • Paid to the sponsor/referrer
  • Must be Affiliate to earn
  • No Compression
  • Paid on retail orders only

Team Commissions

  • Must be rank Active Affiliate to earn
  • Rank Active Affiliate Earns 50% of the commissions to be paid. (ie $10)
  • Rank Qualified Affiliate Earns 100% of the commissions to be paid. (ie $20)
  • Min 100 BV to receive commissions
  • Volume flushes after 4 weeks of being inactive

Matching Bonus

  • Paid to Qualified Affiliates only
  • Paid to Enrollment Upline of the person earning the Team Commissions
  • No Compression
  • Level 1 - 5% Paid on Team Commissions earned by all their personally enrolled that are rank Active Affiliate
  • Level 1 - 10% Paid on Team Commissions earned by all their personally enrolled that are rank Qualified Affiliate
  • Level 2 - 2.5% Paid on Team Commissions earned by all their personally enrolled that are rank Active Affiliate
  • Level 2 - 5% Paid on Team Commissions earned by all their personally enrolled that are rank Active Affiliate

If I am a Qualified Affiliate and I personally enroll an Active Affiliate, I would earn 5% of their commission. I would earn 10% on my personally enrolled that are Qualified Affiliates.